Direct Connect ??

Discussion in 'Trading' started by SethArb, Jul 7, 2003.

  1. I have been approached by people selling this sort of idea
    over the last few months ... perhaps there are a few companies
    like this out there? I still have no clue as to why I should trade
    out of their network .... maybe its a good deal for prop traders?

    DirectNet LLC is a leading provider of networked trading products and key services to active market participants. Based out of Redmond, WA, the company offers equity, options, and soon, futures traders, a unique online environment where affiliated trading firms are able to market their latest products and services. Through this global network, DirectNet is able to take full advantage of strategic business relationships and offer clients a variety of critical trading services, such as leveraged trading accounts, DVP and Prime Broker capabilities, and coordinated pricing negotiations through affiliate broker-dealers.

    DirectNet was founded in 2002 CEO, David Babich, who introduced customized account proposals to today's active trading community. The company first moved onto the scene with the deployment of structured account programs during the Winter of 2002, which enabled clients to create personalized trading agendas and access a variety of pricing and leverage benefits through "Order Flow Bundling".
    DirectNet is best described as a professional consulting firm for active market participants, trading groups, and hedge funds. We are creating the Internet’s largest and most dynamic AFFILIATE NETWORK SYSTEM, which brings together traders from all around the globe and matches them up with financial product and service vendors.
  2. ....BUYER BEWARE:(