Direct access to IB Servers

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  1. Seriously? Nobody has felt the need to request direct access yet?

    Meaning your local internet connection is good enough?
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    The cost of it is clearly specified on the IB Web-site.. and it is in the low thousands of US dollars per month (on top of commissions and other fees). People who use this service probably do so on behalf of the company they work with and are bound by confidentiality agreement.
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    Ok, makes sense.

    I couldn't find costs directly on IB's website. The only thing it says there is to contact the IB Sales Rep. It says the following


    What types of direct-connect or leased line solutions are available?

    For the ultimate in reliability, speed and security, some customers choose to install a dedicated connection to our servers via leased line or frame relay interface. Please contact an IB sales representative about leased-line connections.
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    The publicly available information is here on the IB Web-site.
  5. OP is asking for the costs of having a private line/direct access to the IB servers. He (or she, if applicable) is not asking how much in minimum commissions are required. His question was so simple a caveman could understand what he wants. What don't you understand about his query?

    As to OP's question: costs for the line are determined by the circuit location you are served. For example, when I got a T1 line, it only cost about 350/month, but that was a T1 going out over the internet. And I am in the NYC area. Imagine the logistics if trying to connect from, say, Montauk or something not so close to a strong data area/communication infrastructure. To get a direct connection, I was told it would be at least 3-5x as much, for a 1.5 up/1.5 down hookup. Not worth it at least for the business we do.
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    The table naturally states that each type of connection doesn't involve a separate monthly fee - there is only minimum on transaction fees paid to IB (which is in effect connection cost if the customer doesn't genrate sufficient commission). In addition CTCI (FIX access) involves set-up fee. If a leased line is required it's up to the cutomer to obtain separate cost from their telecom - IB is not in the leased line business.

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  7. Which is what the OP was asking about.

    Learn to stay in the lines and stay on topic.
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    Here are a few figures to give an idea what a leased line would cost in the UK. The type of connection in question is "site to site". And here is some figuires for the US.
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    i think a simple DSL line for 20EUR/month will do it. If necessary. use a VPN direct conn to IB servers.
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