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    I am looking for a reliable firm that offers both direct access stock trading and futures trading (direct access or web based). So far I have only found Tradestation Securities and IB (I am inclined to avoid IB due to their lack of support/customer service). Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. try
    they have stocks and are rolling out futures...I know they have a few customers who are already testing the futures there
    the software is realtick 3-- good stuff
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    Thanks Uptick. Considering them too. They are a bit on the pricey side though.
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    Hi Sasha,

    If you are looking for reliability and the ability to clear where the pros go you can try GNI. Most local floor traders and institutions deal with them because of their low RT's. They have several platforms-Prop Trader TT, GL and a platform called the GNI touch that allows you to deal in futures and options on global markets via a browser-based trading platform, giving you quick execution and good reliability. You can even trade the Eurex– including Bund, Bobl, Dax and SMI;
    Liffe Connect – including FTSE, Gilts, Short Sterling and Single Stock Futures;
    Matif – including CAC40, Eurostoxx and Notional;
    CME/Globex – including mini-S & P, mini-Nasdaq and the British pound; and,
    CBOT Alliance – including the Dow Jones, T-bond and T-note.

    That should keep you busy for a while.

    I've got a contact inside that I can introduce to you-post a reply or e-me directly.

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    what's the URL to their website? TIA
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