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  1. I just noticed that ET has 75 brokers listed. I think it would be interesting to speculate on who will and won't survive. Who's hot and who's not.

    Post your ideas!
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    Hmmm i've just been thru that list recently looking for a new broker and with what some of them are charging i doubt alot of them would be attracting many or any "new" customers.
    The changes to 2520 must have lost them alot of business as well.
    Probably a few good shorts in that list.
  3. cool lets go for about the following:
    Andover...gotta go..dodgy biz. anyone that advertises so much on here and doesnt get a mention in the forums must be struggling
    Noble, Daytrade, Daytrading Tech, Equity Station, Firefly. ....oh bored of this already....too many basket cases
    j-trader, as pats seem to be going to the wall...although i guess someone will buy them out...maybe IB to snub out the competition or better still MB/Terranova

    oh yeah...I'll also long hitmans commissions versus hitmans profits!
  4. Don't forget AB Watley..... they're stock price is diving faster than their number of traders.
  5. Jeffo


    Although an unpopular idea on theis site, I wouldn't be surprised to see IB go under sometime this year. The offering of the notes and lack of interest is troubling. I don't use them as a broker.
  6. Just a note on Direct Access Retail. The $25,000 dollar minimum for pattern daytraders has hurt the direct access retail business.
    .01 spreads & "bear" market has hurt everybody. Part-time
    daytraders have left the market and there is going to be a continued consolidation in direct acccess retail. Direct Access is here to stay even though times are tough.
    Jeffo , IB is part of the Timber-Hill group and they are well capitalized. IB is a small part of their business and I'm sure the
    low rates given by IB and order flow may be some factor in Timber-Hills income other than IB's low rates.

    Gene Weissman
    Lieber & Weissman Sec., L.L.C.
  7. well pattern trading rules definitely seem to be pushing the newbies towards prop firms so I guess prop firms go in the "what's hot" category.
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    Very unlikely. I believe IB was rated #1 in terms of financial stability by a major financial magazine recently.}&siteid=mktw&archive=true
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    you mentioned an upcoming webex session with Dave Nassar...can you tell me when that is. I'm a TNT client...have the webex, but couldn't find info on when the next trading session is. Thanks
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