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    Well, considering its a developers workstation that has NO other errors with any programs -- its not an OS issue. It may be a java problem, or it could be that this machine can boot multiple OS's and TWS has a problem with that.

    I will say they have made the upgrade process much smoother. I remember when it used to wipe out all your settings. Overall I think their support and version rollouts have improved and I like the company.

    Actually.... as a side note I just upgraded TWS again and its coming up fine for now. Dunno... but I looked at my position in ENER and almost wish I wouldn't have been able to get it to load :p
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    I have (knock on wood) never had any problem with their customer service. They've always responded fairly fast. At my previous location the only way to access them was with the Web Trader. It worked fine for me 99% of the time... but the 1% failure always used to occur when I was going negative strung way out on margin just before I set my stop. LOL

    I was grousing a bit earlier because this morning was the worst its been that I can remember. All in all I think sometimes you have to keep in mind the technology that allows this type of access, especially across global markets, takes quite a bit of coordination.

    If I did this for a living then stability would be far more critical and I'd have a backup system and connection.
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  3. Nah, this is a known discussed issue with TWS and Java 1.6. DO a search... Lots of people have issues with TWS and Java 1.6

    I am currently running TWS Betaa 874.0b with Java 1.6 and it is excruciatingly slow.....

    1.5 is Smooth....
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  4. I checked all the softwares that you recommended and still didn't make a decision.
    Here are my conclusions:
    IB : They seem to have a good price but after downloading TWS simulator I was not impressed.
    But that is just may opinion and I'm not sure if I have seen all that TWS has to offer.
    Hydraterade : You could not see much information on their website ?
    Laser: It seems to be the best choice from all.
    I will wait a few more days to see if any one else come up with new software.
    If not I will probably open an account with laser.
    Thank you all
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  5. I wasnt impressed with the simulator either.... SO I was leaning towards Tradestation.... The guys here were very very helpful. They gave me tons of pro's n con's. They were all honest about the TWS inadequacies... Now I use API connected programs for my charting and trading....

    AFter spednign a reasonable amount of time on TWS, I find it very easy to move around. The only hated thing is the 100 lines of data limitation... Oh, yeah, and IB's charting... and.... LOL....

    The DOM is fine for what I do... SOmetimes it gets cumbersome..... I had to personalize the colors for my trading style, added buttons for quick direct access trading... (Buy, Sell, Close, Reverse)..... and so on....

    Lots of flexibility.. Just takes time to get familiar with everything.... Is it the best??? No, but It sure hasnt hampered my trading.....
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  6. 1.4 was the best. I regret ever upgrading to 1.5.
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  7. Well as they say YMMV
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