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  1. tryon73


    Are there still new direct acccess firms being created,and if so what is the process and procedure involved indoing so. Many thanks for your responses.
  2. Egodude


    The normal and best course of action to start a BD is as follows:

    Usually you hop from firm to firm, eventually ending up at Speedtrader, get fired for trying to steal their clients and bring them to Genesis. Then come on ET and anonymously blast Speedtrader and hype Genesis, only to be proven a fraud in your thread because you are dumb enough to make your ET user name your unusual middle name and birth year (Charles "Tryon" Manger born in 19"73"). ET subsequently removes your bashing posts and threads.

    Shortly after that you get arrested for DUI and a previous reckless driving charge in CT. Further showing your impeccable character.

    Then you come back on ET and start posting again (under the same alias that you were publicly discredited with) about opening a BD with no money and no software or anything of value at all to offer anyone.

    I believe that’s how most BD's got their start. It sounds like a good course of action.

    You got to love these guys who are notorious spammers, liars, thiefs and overall dirt bags and come here and pose as interested ET members just looking for info. I'm sure everyone would want to have an account with someone who has consistently shown such good character. Good luck with that.
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    someone get rid of this clown


    OUTSTANDING!!!! You have just become my favorite poster! Keep it up, my friend! Is this your first alias or you had one before? Anyway, you have made my day! :D :D
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    I know who this clown tyron73 is and he is a joker. Relentless spammers and suspected frauds should be shown to not have any credibility IMO. I just wanted to call him out on it... again.

    I come here once in a while and mostly just read threads, I dont post much. I used to trade for a prop fim in NYC, now I trade or myself from home.


    How long have you been trading from home? What securities are you trading?
  9. Egodude


    I started trading from home about 4 yrs ago. I trade Nasdaq stocks only.
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    Seriously... that is really funny stuff!
    :) :D
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