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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Seanote, Mar 4, 2002.

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    I would like to help some of you with suggestions and techniques regarding Day Trading and Swing Trading. I have traded for 6 years and have worked for a top Direct Access firm for the past 2 years. If you have any questions or comments, please reply to this thread.
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    I always wanted to start a thread like this but I hesitated mainly due to the fact that most people here look pretty experienced and probably have no time or don't want to share their knowledge with others.

    I have been a swing trader for several years, I have tried trading(2-3 days span) for 1 1/2 years but I was never so much successful with day trading.

    For my swing trades I use TA. For week trading (2-3 days) I look after small break outs.

    But what is the secret for day trading? How do you choose the right stock to trade? Please make some comments for swing trading too.

    I hope other people join this thread too.

  3. Are you offering all this for free?

    ~ Josh Billings ~
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    Of course.....I talk to many of my clients on daily basis and see so many people continue to trade and blow their accounts up! Like I said in previous posts, I've seen a lot and experienced first hand many ups and downs and learned from clients and my own mistakes. I like to visit different boards and talk shop and share ideas or suggestions. I've already received a few posts from a few that think I'm pushing my firm (which I will never mention) or I am here to enlighten everyone. I realize there are some people out here who actually do know how to trade and have proven strategies and make a living doing this. If they are so good and knowledgeable why do the waste their time posting and monitoring these boards when they should be doing their DD and research at night before the market opens? It makes some of these guys feel better about themselves and their losses if they can convince themselves that they know all any new poster is beneath their knowledge and experience. The funny thing is I'm not very old but I would bet 10 fold my trading knowledge and experience against theirs. So if you are one of those guys, pleases don't reply to my email with your witty remarks and "enlightening" quotes as a few of you have already.
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    all the way.

    But the "Barbarian" should not care too much if we want to share our knowledge with others. Nobody of us will take an exam by the end of semester on how good our trades were.
  6. Seanote,

    Great idea! I hope some folks actually show up to the party.

    For whom do you work?
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    Due to Compliance reasons I can't give that info up. I would like to but not while I'm still employeed. Anyone that has any questions or comments please post and I'll answer we I have a chance.
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    I'll usually make my posts during the evening CST time (8:00pm or so) when I have time to get into more detail. Tonight we can talk about playing the gaps, truly reading Level to tell what MMs are doing and read what side of the trade they are actually on, technical analysis, instituional sector rotation and where new funds are being inserted. Pros and cons of daytrading vs swing trading vs scalping, options, futures, single stock index futures (upcoming) ect; These are just a few topics...if anyone has others go ahead and suggest them and I'll address them tonight.
  9. What markets do you trade?
  10. Seanote wrote: "Due to Compliance reasons I can't give that info up. I would like to but not while I'm still employeed."

    I live in that world, myself. Best not to rock the regulatory boat.
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