Dire Warning From Ron Paul

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  1. BSAM


    eh owh ltel htrut ni SAU tcoann etg deelect tpnreedsi.
  2. llew neht, ew rea LLTOATY WEDRSCE!!
  3. Yeah ... we are in trouble.
    However I believe there is still hope.

    I don't like the corruption, the Fed and DC Organized Crime and their Ponzi money management.

    The American People will end up calling out to God soon.
    Maybe ... just maybe if His people humble themselves and pray
    and seek His Face and turn from their wicked ways ... then He will
    hear from Heaven, forgive our sins and heal our land.
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    It's quite likely that type of childish, sanctimonious, self-important, we-are-the-chosen-ones clap-trap, is partly responsible for leading too many people into a mindless false sense of security, encouraging them to make the trouble in the first place.
  5. Yup, God will soon appear to solve our economic crisis and bring about Financial Reform. Amen.
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    Proverbs 22:7
    The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower becomes the lender's slave.

    (As true today, as it was then)
  7. Ron Paul is weird:eek:
  8. I gota say that my decision to leave being a full time.options trader for a firm to heading down to Texas to enter the private equity world with a oil company looked crazy at first. I lost shit tons of money, took.risk and gamble and headed for Texas.

    A well educated half Jew from Nyc and Chicago headed down to Texas.......what the HELL WAS I THINKING!

    Well, I have had the pleasure of meeting Ron Paul on several occasions as well as Rick Perry. There is a reason Texas is strong in this depression. These guys, at first seem strange to a Yankee.

    But the more I deat with oil and Texas I come to relize, the state will survive as most.the country struggles.

    I would research what Ron is saying a learn for yourself. If you come to.an agreement, then act to protect your assets. I'm not worried, its outa our hands and I am absolutely blessed to be in the world of Energy.

    The dynamics of our economy are changing fast, the dollar is under attact, fed government is spending generations well being. Either adapt and prosper or stay the course and perish. God gave us all a gift, us it and survive. The.capacity to think. It is what Capitalism is based on. Capitalism is not based on the dollar. Any. Thing can be used as a means of exchange.
  9. This is what Rome thought. And you expect us to believe you are a well educated Yankee from Chicago when there was rarely a well structured sentence in your entire post?
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