Dipsters Get Ready!!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by flipflopper, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. Time to make some easy money!!

    Don't be fooled by this fake selling. Everything is a ok. Lets buy and test new all times highs!!!!

    C'mon guys!!!
  2. KS96


    get ready for some chop
  3. LMAO

    You're kidding right?
  4. did you get long at the time of your first post, flipflopper.
  5. Chood


    As in quality filets of no-risk longs and dip buyers? Most of us bigger boys got ready for them yesterday and last week.

    Hedge Funds Shorting S&P 500 at `Crowded Levels,' Merrill Says

    July 10 (Bloomberg) -- Hedge funds are short-selling Standard & Poor's 500 Index futures by the most in three years, a Merrill Lynch & Co. analyst said, and recommended investors buy the securities before the funds have to settle their obligations.

    ``Large speculators'' had the biggest short-interest position on the contracts in the week through July 3 since mid- 2004, Mary Ann Bartels, Merrill's chief market analyst, wrote in a report to clients today.

    [MY POST last week:]

    I believe 'Zapper is correct, although not for any reason evident from tape reading this afternoon's equities action. In case you've missed it, we are in a bear market for bonds. Consequences for equities are inevitable.

    I'm so convinced that I'll short the S&P front month pre-open Monday, on expectation that today's bonds losses won't be recouped by mid-day Monday. Monday afternoon sets up for sheep shearing de luxe, or at least as table setting for the rest of next week and the month of July.

    Index wise, come daybreak Monday, I'll be on the giving end of the shears. I'm there already in individual stocks -- positioned only I mean, because thus far, in those short positions, I'm the shearee, not the shearer. Those shorts include a position added just today (MAR). Nothing dissipates faster than sector helium (hotels in this case) in a light volume week.
  6. No sir. Just a little sarcasm to start the day. Finally am making money on my shorts but trying to figure out why I'm paying a 40 point premium on my YM shorts compared to the ES?!?!

    Started yesterday and has cost me 80 points?!?!!? Is this all because Boeing made an airplane this weekend??
  7. KS96


    chop now, sell later

  8. congrats once again to all dipsters $$

    I love free money $$

    Great call $$$
  9. Since it's always you, myminitrading, makloda, and stock_turder who say this I've concluded that you guys are talking about welfare checks. :D
  10. Dipsters working overtime..... hope you don't get too tired.
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