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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by momentum7, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. momentum7


    Can anyone remember the last time we had an intraday reversal from positive to negative?
  2. apaschea


    exactly what i've been thinking for the last few weeks. ive been short since 12000 on dow futures and this last week has just been brutal for me.

    if theres ever a dip its about .30% for the first half hour of trading then BOOM we rocket up and end positive.

    What pissed me off even more was how every time 1 minute before the close everything would rocket up.... even after the egyptian president resigned, Dow futures fell 50 points then came right back up 50 points 1 second later... just to fall in after hours....

    today i finally thought we might have a medium sized dip and as usual after an hour or so we are going up.

    getting pretty pissed off
  3. I'm of the view it won't happen until EVERYONE thinks that the market can do nothing but go up. We still have many people thinking this market it going to have a pull back (including me)... until this changes then we are going to keep going up.

    Sooooo tough to intra-day trade it though urrrrgghh!
  4. Maverick74


    Why is this thread under prop firms?
  5. Because this market is killing us prop traders hahaha...

    (yeah but your right its in the wrong section)
  6. apaschea


    this is brutal. markets were suppose to be down today but then jumped AGAIN at the close and now the index futures have sky rocketed by 45 points (the dow)

    i honestly don't know how we are not going down. Even on a down day like this it turns into a green day. getting pissed off
  7. Maybe im stating the obvious, but what does what you feel or you getting pissed off have to do with the market?

    It always does what its supposed to...
  8. You won't be in the biz for long if this is how you approach the mkts.