dip buying

Discussion in 'Trading' started by sobemark, Jul 29, 2007.

  1. all i hear from people ..everywhere ...is "are you putting money to work here ?" Are you buying this dip ?"

    there is absolutely no fear to this correction ..yes, it may show up in the vix but the overall sentiment is not fear.

    people have been accustomed to buy every dip ..and granted, they have done well .. but eventually ... this will not work .. could this be the time ???
  2. btw.. did anyone notice the AHM news at 10pm Friday night ?? they are suspending their dividend after they already declared it !
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    I agree...Based on what happened in Feb. of this year...traders chomping at the bit to ride the "huge bounce higher"...Also, bears praying for the bounce to re-load shorts...Might not happen this time.