Dios Mio, Wealth Lab is Scary

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  1. I just downloaded the demo, and my God that program is intimidating. The only experience I have with Pascal was a computer programming class i took in high school...which I failed. Oh wait, ya I failed, which means I took that class twice. Anywho, that was a while ago. Does anyone have experience with WL? Is the programming language fairly easy to use once you get used to it?
  2. WL can be as easy as you can make it, just as almost anything else in your life. But first you need to try it.

    For me Pascal is easy and I program in Delphi, so no wonder that WL is much easier for me than say Amibroker. Do I believe it will be easy for you? I don't know, only you can find this out, the old-fashioned way by doing your homework.
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    Very easy, even without programming skills. Start with a basic template and work up.
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    The way I learned WL was by sitting down for 1 day and programming a custom pattern detector and trading strategy. By the end of the night, I knew WL pretty well, and I had my first strategy finished and ready for a testing/refining process.

    As long as you know basic programming, it's just a matter of getting used to syntax and functions.
  5. Wealth-Lab is fairly easy to figure out due to the many Chartscripts you can download and disect (+ somebody has probably already coded something similar to your idea). The online help (WealthScript Help link on homepage) is among the best I've ever seen. Chances are you'll just need to learn a small amount of Pascal to be productive within the Wealth-Lab framework.
    Probably the single worst mistake I've seen in other's scripts is accidentally "looking ahead" - trading on future data.
    Good Luck,
  6. I think I'll email support (who I think is one or two guys who own the company), and tell them I'll buy the full version if they program my strategy into WL language. Why would they say no? It'll probably take them 10 minutes to program my relatively simple strategy for $650 pay.
  7. Know how to:

    1. Use IF, FOR, and WHILE

    2. Use := instead of =

    3. Learn to declare variable

    Then WealthLab is easy. Just practice coding ideas for 3-4 month constantly and you'll be fine.

    I can't wait for 3.0
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    If you post on the forums there many WL users will be happy to help code your system. As long as you can describe what you do as mechanically and algorithmically as possible.