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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by profitseer, Mar 6, 2003.

  1. Seems like every commercial on TV has someone sitting at their dining room or kitchen table working on a laptop.

    Does anyone actually in real life do this? Don't most people have a regular desktop set up in their home?

    Honey! Clear the table. And where'd you put the laptop? I need to check my asset allocation and apply for a home loan.
  2. You could say the same thing when they showed desktops a few years ago. I think the idea is that you think everyone else is doing that, so you go out, get a laptop (or desktop a few years ago) and do whatever they are doing. You quickly realize doing whatever they were doing isn't much fun so you end up surfing for porn or playing games instead.

  3. nkhoi


    'been doing that since I installed my laptop with wireless card
  4. gary


    Yes I do. I have been using my laptop (notebook) for over a year now and yes it is on the table. I really did not think it would work for trading but I could not be more pleased with its performance. I can take it to another traders house and trade side by side. This has proven to be fun and helpful. Most upper end hotels and alot of airports now offer free wireless internet service. It took some time to get used to trading with only one screen but it forced me to focus on what worked best and get rid of what was not. I would have to thank the thief who stoll my cumbersome setup.
  5. bobcathy1

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    Maybe I am weird.....

    but my laptop sits on my LAP all day!:D
  6. careful, all that excessive heat might not be good...:p

    uh, for the computer :p :p
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    My new HP is relativly cool.....the Compac....you could fry an egg on that box!:D
  8. sunnie


    desktop that does everything,,, 2 laptops with 2 different wireless cards.....I can even access the internet in the car, at the beach, when traveling...gotta have as much technology as you can get here in the middle of the pacific ocean....:p :p :p
  9. nkhoi


    is speed any good, can you get quote and chart.
  10. sunnie


    definitely not cable speed, but advertised as "56kbps and 20 - 35 kbps more typical"

    but when I'm logged on, the speed says 115.2 kbps (go figure)
    - can get quotes and charts... better than no access at all!!!
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