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    Has any body got experience with this newsletter? Supposedly the letter has been rated No. 1 by Timer Digest during certain years. But there is nothing clear on track record at his site. Also no trial is offered.

    Comments appreciated.
  2. Never subscribed or even read it. But I will say this...

    James Dines is a superb marketeer! During the last "gold bug" days, many moons ago, Dines would hire drop-dead gorgeous ladies to man booths at trade shows and hostess his seminars. His booths and seminars had very large followings. :D
  3. I went to the gold mining confrence a few months ago and Dines was there, he still has the hot assistants. He was heavily pushing uranium mining stocks.
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    I have heard that he is a wizard with Uranium stocks and I would

    sure like to know more about that sector as Uranium is up way

    more than Oil and Gold.
  5. If you want Dines's uranium pick you can check them out on one of the PBS business shows, the show posts transcripts of all its interviews. I think it is called Nightly Business Reports. Just be forewarned that many of these uranium mining stocks are shams, many of them are small time gold or silver operators who have decided to jump on the uranium bandwagon by buying up a property that supposedly has uranium. They then change there name to something with uranium in it. Make sure you do tons of research or invest little bit of money in each of the 10-20 of these small stocks so that if a few are fraudulent you wont lose your whole wad.
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    Johnny Walker,

    OK.........thanks. PBS...... I will check it out and thanks for the

    heads up on possible scamers.