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  1. Any body buying (IRAQ- DINAR ),
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    U are joking, right ?

    Mate, this is a serious forum, not silly little teenagers games forum.
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    Why the hell should anyone buy Iraq dinars with all the terrible news we hear from Iraq everyday?:confused:
  4. Because possibly, they will get that situation under control one day and peace will come to Iraq and a western democracy will finally work there. Not being sarcastic. I would like to think all those lost american lives might just do some good. Why do these pathetic little losers attack people for posting for no reason. before any other data, all they do is attack any post that THEY feel is not feasible. What pathetic losers.
  5. When the Central Bank of Iraq offers its public access to short term certificates in Dinars...the interest rate will be very high...

    When you combine the interest with the movement of the dinar versus other currencies..the total value will exceed the total value of other major Central Banks and their offerings...

    No you would would not buy the Dinar outright...but you would keep rolling the CB´s 30 day certificates collecting the higher interest in Dinars....

    The country will print money and collect taxes to pay it...

    This is a good play...

    However this is the untold story in the Forex...

    Very similar to bonds..

    Buying the currency without the interest is like stripping a coupon from the bond and selling the interest portion only...this is called a remic...and is one of the scariest leverage plays in the marketplace...

    The Forex is a forest because of the huge huge leverage..and the failure to collect the interest paid....

    You will not find any long term histories of sucees from anyone playing the forex as is discussed broadly..

    The forex makes about as much sense as the lotto...
  6. libertad thank you for your informative and educated reply. I am glad that not everyone on this forum is narrow minded!! And for the record I am no teenager, just a guy who is always looking at the bigger picture in life!!
    To question is an instinct of the human race, but so to unfortunatly is the need to belittle others. People that feel the need to do this to others are obviously very insecure within themselves and it makes them feel big!!!

    I for one will never stop asking questions because I feel there is still so much more for me to learn................

    ps, I also thank jackedup for his input ..
  7. Cause things cannot get worst.
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    Even beyond all the bad news coming out of Iraq, the Dinar is not traded anywhere but in Iraq as far as I know. So these little "investment" schemes are really selling you something that you cannot sell back on any open market.

    I got some good underwater real estate i can sell you if you are interested in a good investment.
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    bwahahaha ... good one ... for the US department of jokes
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    Not if the mullahs take over....opps I mean elected democratically, and issue their own currency.
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