Dinapoli Levels Video Training Course

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    $52 including domestic shipping.

    Four hours and 20 minutes of detailed instruction by Joe DiNapoli and one of his most successful students, professional trader, Merrick Okamoto.

    Joe teaches the Leading Indicator, Trend, and Pattern techniques that have benefited so many. You'll learn the most effective ways to apply Fibonacci ratios to the price axis. You'll discover how to mix leading and lagging indicators for a high-accuracy, low-risk trading approach.

    You'll find out how to enter strong running market moves "safely" and where to place your stops for maximum protection and minimum exposure. You'll learn how to calculate pre-defined profit objective points and how to employ the three-period money management rule to maximize profit and minimize heartache.

    You'll understand the proper, practical, application of Fibonacci ratios to the price axis and you will have access to a trading style with the capacity to produce an incredibly high percentage of winning trades

    Merrick teaches Momentum Stock trading and Sector analysis from a market makers (he was one) and institutional point of view.

    Contents: 2 VHS Tapes

    Paypal fee free, money order, cash, gold, silver, check. Email with questions, sorry no returns. Free USPS Priority mail domestic shipping, international extra.