Dimon Hits Back At Banker Bashing

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    Jamie Dimon Will Not "Bend Down And Accept It" From The Haters

    At Davos, Jamie Dimon is getting comfortable.

    He slipped into his Nike sneakers (the suit stayed on, of course) and told the audience he's sick of “this constant refrain — bankers, bankers, bankers.”

    He also said it is unfair to criticize banks for trying to block new rules they don’t like. Yet it continues. And Dimon, for one, will not be anyone's whipping boy.

    "To suggest we're supposed to just bend down and accept it because we're banks – that's not fair."

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  3. Yeah, no kidding.
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    People hate banks for a reason
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    are u kidding? They took absurd amounts of risks and got us into this mess and then get bailed out...cmon meng. Do you need more reason than that.
  6. Pound for pound, the best banker around, making about 5 times his weight in gold, every year.

  7. JP Morgan did great.

    It was almost like Blyth Masters laid the swaps landmines for the other banks to step on and Dimon picked the pockets of the bodies afterward like Thénardier in Les Mis.
  8. Talk to my Dad who wants his dividend. He wants to know why these POS still make millions after cutting dividends. Most people get no bonus or fired if they fail, but these ass clowns get jobs with other banks or keep their jobs until the federal government, ie the taxpayer, bails their useless asses out. The justification being they are the only ones that know how to unwind the bullshit they made up. Geez, they sound just like career politicians.
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    Tsing Tao

    hopefully, this will be to dimon what the "doing God's work" quote did to blankfein
  10. Oye Animal Tu Te Querda Aquello Que Te Pide Prestao:D :D

    Looks like Dimon too

    Amazing that they didn't lose any of their capital, just the banks, which came from where??? And then got loans to be bailed out, and from whence did these loans come from???

    The Ever Hoping These Guys Eventaully Get Their Due VIPER
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