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  1. Has anyone had any personal experience with these guys?
  2. Gcapman


    Just ask all the Next Level Traders who lost all their money (total sum I believe was a few million dollars)

    FYI: Next Level Trading was a sub-llc of Dimension
  3. If you do it directly through Dimension I'm sure you're fine, just avoid the sub-llc

    They are pure retail though, so I wouldn't bank on them being very good service providers as it is.
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    Velez has partnered with Dimension, so beware. You may want to read the TT/Velez thread for how others feel.
  5. Gcapman


    I would avoid Dimension altogether - the fact that Next Level stole money from traders shows how bad their compliance department is as well as the overall company
  6. scary
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    Careful as Oliver Velez has partnered with these guys - Look up Oliver Velez/ team trading.

    Dont give them your money!
  8. NKNY


    Is he really a partner of Dimension...?
  9. Traders with independent accounts who are owed funds from VCM/TT were told that he was not going to be directly affiliated with Dimension (such as becoming a registered member). However the former prop traders from VCM/TT are using their Blackwood platform.

    Upon research of Dimension's 2009 SEC focus reports from the SEC.gov site, it seems Dimension has plenty of capital and a longer history than some other CBSX firms.
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    Thanks Joe, they are one of the firms I'm currently considering. I know they've been around for a while...

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