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    What is the consensus out there on Dimension Capital? Are they a good shop? Is their deal relatively fair?
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    I see over 40 people have viewed this. Can someone who has either traded there or knows someone who trades there please respond. I've been offered a position there and I'm deciding whether or not to take it. Any information would be much appreciated. Starting off, is it a scam shop? It doesn't seem to be, but at the same time, I don't really know what makes a shop "good" and what makes it a scam. Relative to other shops, are their costs in line, do they go above, are they below? And how exactly do these prop shops make money? Aside from taking their 5 - 10 % of profits, I'm guessing since they are clearing they are also bringing in commisions, but how else do they make money?
  3. They are legit, I've worked there and never had any issues getting paid when pay period came around nor did I have any problems closing my acct and getting the remaining balance back in a timely manner.
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    Thanks for your reply. Do you know what percentage of people there trade futures? Also, what is the culture like there? People generally cool? Very uptight? Friendly? Don't talk to each other? Also, if you don't mind my asking, how long were you there for and why did you decide to leave?
  5. I actually left the prop trading world after 3 1/2 years to pursue futures, Dimension didnt offer futures so thats why I closed my account there. I worked at Hold bros for 3 years and Dimension for only 6 months. The office atmosphere was ok, I traded alongside 4 friends. I didnt know anyone else there. As far as I could tell, people only talked amongst their group, so there wasnt too much sharing going on but I think most prop firms are like that. Overall my experience there was positive.

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    Do you trade futures on your own now or do you trade at another firm?
  7. Trade through Velocity Futures on my own (from my living room).

  8. Steve,

    What made you leave equities and switch to futures, NYSE Hybrid?
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    Hey Steve

    Always enjoy your insight - you still feel comfortable about your switch from stocks to futures?

    I always thought it would be too big a leap for me. Just wondering how it went.
  10. what platform does dimension use?
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