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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by onstar, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. onstar


    anyone heard of this firm. All i know is that they have the same address as SMB, pristege and nexis
  2. Benchmarq Trading is also in the same address
  3. onstar


    what else can you tell me about those firms
  4. Benchmarq is under Dimension, who is the clearing firm. So is Prestige and a few other LLCs.

    I'm through Bencmarq, remote. Do a search, the feedback speaks for itself. Send me a PM if you want more info.
  5. onstar


    does demension require you to bring money into the firm
  6. sledged


    Yes they do, I interviewed there. Seem like nice guys, the ones I talk to. Didnt take the offer but the interview seemed like as long as you had the 5k and were motivated to trade you got a trade station on the floor
  7. Well i was trading there for a while at their location in NYC
    And was very happy but due to my personal financial reason i had to quit trading for goods.
    As soon as i quit i got my cheque of $8900 back on the day they issuse cheque ( every 2 week,s )
    now i work full time and trade future on the day i am off ( wednesday )
    If i would have to go back to trading defitinily with them
  8. speedboy


    No wonder you always bash Assent..what a tool.
  9. dimension is the b/d not the clearing firm. they clear threw lek