Dimension 9200... Disable RAID?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by gnome, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. gnome


    Seems the computer is shipped with RAID enabled, but there appears to be no selection for RAID OFF...

    There is a choice for "RAID Autodetect /ATM"... I don't know what that means.. could that be the same as "RAID Off"?

  2. panzerman


    Do you have RAID 0 or RAID 1? Most likely RAID 1. RAID is a good thing, and you should leave it alone. If you do need the extra space, Google "raid 1 breaking the mirror".
  3. gnome


    The default is "RAID On".... with single drive so far. I want to add 2nd hard drive, but with no RAID. There doesn't appear to be a BIOS setting for "RAID Off"
  4. Windows Vista or XP flavored? Same sized drives? :)
  5. gnome


    Windows XP... not same size drives... only one is currently mounted.

    Another question...

    With IDE controllers, one is set as Master, the other as Slave. With RAID controller, and with it disabled, how would the computer know to boot from the C: drive if both HDs had OS on them?
  6. Dell formatted and installed software or self-done? Actual Raid setting (fingers crossed here)?
  7. gnome


    Crossed.. LOL.

    Within 10 minutes of unpacking, I was reinstalling the OS to get all the schmutz off.

    So, self-installed... but I don't recall any choices during the installation about RAID.

    I'm getting the sense that if you want to run 1 hard drive on this rig, it's OK. But if you want to run 2, you must choose RAID0 or RAID1.... No choice of "RAID.. NOT!"
  8. Correct! It needs to be taken care of either in the Bios setup appending the original 0, or set up as a mirrored drive then break the mirror which will allow the stupid configuration parameters to find the second drive in the startup. Then format it through the Windows and assign a drive letter. My personal preference is the latter option. :)
  9. gnome


    Thanks. They should have made it easier, though.. :(