Dimension 4 computer time synchronizer

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  1. Dimension 4 v5 is a very good free computer time synchronizer, vg because it synchronizes
    to .000 of a second and because you can open a visual display of the synchronization history
    and see the adjustments Dimension 4 has made based on the sync period you use - see attached
    - sync period set to 5min - setting allows for seconds, minutes, hours ~ http://thinkman.com/
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    "D4 can act as a time server of its own for D4 running on other machines"

    This particular feature could be very helpfull if you need to syncronize all machines in your network, especially if you are using simple grid systems ( like Quartz for example ) which lack such functionality build in.

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    Do these services compensate for internet latency?
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    Exactly, NTP is more than sufficient, especially when you're synch'ing to the NIST servers.
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    NTP certainly does.