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  1. Ratigen is now the most fuc*ing annoying person on television.. EVER! smug sob

    thats it.. today is my last day watching CNBS!
  2. Chausey


    Have pity on him because he is single and really wants to go out with any of the nice ladies from cnbc, but he doesn't have the courage. He is desperate and what comes across as smug, is him actually trying to flirt with the camera.

    "Hey how are ya Aaron?"

    "Well good afternoon Melissa."

    "If for instance I was married to you -if I would be so lucky..."

    He actually said that last one to Trish R a week ago.

    This man needs a good classy hooker that is discrete. Simple as that.
  3. Studdering fool.

    I really want to bang Trish R.

    Btw, what happened to the red head chick, Liz C.?
  4. Thanks, so did that Bolling character as well. Hope she got a nice contract.
  5. Najarian keeps saying "global growth" over and over when ever the market goes up.

    I agree with him but shut up already about the global growth.

    Fasr money needs to be reduced to just one night a week. The combination of all five of those tards doesn;t even equal that of one imbecile.

    The woman is useless. The bald guy doesnt say anything.