Dilemma: whether to use IB for trading AND IRAs

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by tomahawk, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. Anyone use IB for both intraday trading AND longer term 'active investing', accounting for a large portion of your overall assets? In other words, would/do you trust IB as an alternative to, say a Vanguard or Schwab, to hold a significant portion (>70%) of your total liquid assets, including trading capital and retirement?

    I'm looking to bail on some IRA mutual funds and take a more active investing approach using ETFs, and I'd like to take advantage of IB-like commissions without necessarily having to worry about the risks of having all my eggs in one brokerage.


    - Thanks.
  2. Anyone? ..... Bueller?
  3. Ok, my last bump attempt. If no response, I'll assume no one here worries about having to put their nest egg and trading capital with the same broker in order to get good commissions on swing/position trades for their IRA. :)