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  1. Wasn't sure where to put this, so I guess this will suffice. Not even sure why I'm posting this here. I guess I'm looking for thoughts as I mull around my own.

    Got a nice job offer - which is good because I currently dislike my job at the moment. The problem is the job would require me to relocate, and while I don't mind doing that, the relocation policy the company is offering does not include an agreement to purchase the house at appraised value after a certain number of month without being sold. Given the housing market, this is worrysome.

    I live in Northern NJ. A nice, relatively affluent part of Sussex county. The housing market being what it is, I don't want to risk not being able to sell my house and having to pay for another house in the new location. Even if the job offers a 10% raise, 7% bonus increased (33%) and stock options in a very healthy public company.

    What would you guys do? Keep in mind it's not just me. It's my wife and newborn as well. Do I take the risk that the house will sell?

    Don't worry, I'm not going to follow advice of anon folks on the internet. I just want to see what the folken think.

  2. cold


    I don't like you too much but hell I'll help

    your goals are no good, job this, job that,

    screw it, you need to do whatever job and do only as much as you must

    you need to save your energy to learn to trade, you can start by reading all my posts and slowly

    if you take time to master trading, your job will be a joke

    you can take your wife to nice places (nicer than now)

    and as for your baby, it will receive higher quality milk, cause your wife will be eating all organic and healthy shit :D

    so yeah man, my two cents

    also don't forget omega 3 for your baby, it will help brain develop and it will grow up with an edge

    I mean just look at me :p :p
  3. Start by ignoring the "advice" of this tool calling himself cold.

    My wife is in real estate, and says to see if there are any brokers that offer gauranteed sales programs. Yuo may not get full appraised value, but would know it is sold. She also suggests renting inexpensively until yuor property sells in the event yuo have to carry both for awhile. After yuo sell the current property, yuo'll know what money yuo'll have for finding a new one.

    As to trading, yuo can take a decent job, and swing or position trade just fine.

    Listen to yuor heart, and yuo'll make the right decision, and even if it turns out not to be the right decision, yuo're free to make another one and change things.

    Best wishes!
  4. cold


    Wrong....... position or swing trading won't do it

    people make money on it, but not REAL money

    trader56 I have a feeling you are a tool, and not a very good one
  5. Hey fuckhead, I've been in this game in a number of different capacities for over 20 years - probably about yuor age right now. This included years as a floor trader.

    Yuo asshole kids must be able to play on Facebook or mySapce or something right?

    Why not keep yuor uselss bullshit off ET.
  6. cold


    even if it is true that you have all this experience

    your statements show that you never mastered the game,

    lets say you make money swinging and position trading

    that is ok and it beats 90% here

    BUT CAN YOU do 100% in two months FUCKER

    you started name calling first and look what you did to this guy's thread

    let me guess you are the type that likes to see your neighbour burn so you feel better

    you small mind
  7. Good feedback. Appreciate the response. And don't worry, I ignore just about everything cold says.

    In regards to the job, however, I'm not a trader. I work for a large CPG company and would be going to another large CPG company. I trade on the side.
  8. My wife is in real estate, and says to see if there are any brokers that offer gauranteed sales programs."


    That broker is a fucking retard, the one that would offer "GAURANTEED SALES PROGRAMS.?

    What is a GAURANTEED SALES PROGRAM? : if the Broker does not sell the house in X months he/she (The broker) will buy the house from you at fair market value?

    R u fucking kidding me?

    Brokers and RE agents are some of the biggest fucking morons in this country. Housewives and non-degreed idiots are attracted to the RE (Residental) Profession. How do I know, because I deal with the Tards often.
  9. If I were you I'd make a company buyout a part of the negotiation. Without it, I wouldn't accept the job.

    Frankly, there are some areas where nothing is selling at all. Maybe you're not in one of those areas, I don't know. But in this market taking a chance on that is quite a chance. Price will ultimately sell anything...ie a low enough price to attract someone. But in this market that price may be VERY low.

    I also wouldn't be confident of a guaranteed sale from a real estate broker. These are going to be well below fair market value.

  10. cold


    exactly why you are not a trader

    you are a kid in a man's body

    take some fcukin responsibility

    why ask for advice when you will only hear what you want to hear

    I AM SAYIN, the best job in the world is being a good trader, after that comes FED chairman, and after that the president

    and no I am not wrong, ask anyone on ET what is the best job

    sitting at home and making money

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    screw ET, you people are too fukin slow for me

    GOOD BYE for focuking real now

    OP you are a MOD

    DELETE my username and all my posts, I am serious
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