Digital v.s. Analog LCDs and adding another dual-head card

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by no_agenda, Jun 9, 2003.

  1. First off, for trading purposes is it important to have digital LCDs rather than analog? It seems to be a matter of debate sometimes mentioned in other threads. Is there a definitive answer?

    Secondly, I currently have a dual head NVidia GeForce4 MX440 (analog) in a PCI slot. If I want to add a third and fourth monitor I will need to buy another card. (I realize I could buy a quad-head card but cost seems prohibitive). I went to CompUSA and the sales rep told me I could NOT add another of the same card, that I would need to have a different chipset card (non-NVidia) like an ATI. Does that sound right? Also, he wasn't sure if my second card would have to be PCI like my present card or if it could be AGP.

    Any card experts out there that can answer these questions?

    Those of you who currently are running two or more dual-head cards, are they the same chipset/manufacturer? Are they both PCI or do you have one PCI and one AGP?

    p.s. If it helps I'm running Windows 2000.
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    I have 2 dell 19' LCDs with one running through a digital input while the second runs through an analog input. I can tell no difference between the two and neither can my friends.
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    I've got 6 191Ts and two are on analog. One analog looks like crap, but the other looks fine. The crappy one is running through an old (and probably cheap) VGA extenstion cable, so that's the likely cause.
  4. 1) Digital are supposed to be more sharp because the monitor don't convert again the signal, but not every LCD monitor have been created with the same quality, some are better than other even if they are analog;
    2) Never try to do multimonitor with NVidia, in theory any combination is valid but the pratice have shown that many factor could influence the compatibility, even the chipset. I know some traders that have multiple single head from NVidia without problem. The best thing is to buy a nd try, if you have some troubles, just sendback the material at your reseller (of course choose a reseller with a good policy on the return)!
    3) Maybe I could suggest a tip for a Quad-PCI card, go on eBay and buy a G200, many bargain there, I have paid only 55$ each card and buy two cables for 14$ each. Every thing work fine and I have bought a backup card for this price.
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    I'm running 3 PCI dual Matrox G450s and one AGP Chaintech GeForce4 4600. Got four 191Ts on the digitial outs, two on the Matrox analogs and a big honkin 21" toshiba tube KDS on the Geforce Analog all powered by WinXP Pro. The sole complaint I have is that I need to reboot if I disable the matrox cards, then reboot again to bring them back online. (I like to have just two monitors at times).

    My 191Ts are on three dual-monitor stands from Ergotron. Nice stands, but there's no volume, so the darn things cost about $300 each :(.