Digital TV Tuner with HDMI output for PC monitor

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by OptionsOptionsOptions, Jan 7, 2021.

    • I am looking for a digital TV Tuner with HDMI output for PC monitor.
    • Do they even make one?
    • I googled it and nothing came up.
  1. DevBru


    Might be me but what is the difference between a HDMI output for TV versus HDMI output for PC monitor?

  2. I want HDMI output, not the older VGA output.
  3. Overnight


    Just enter this in the search box...

    "digital tv tuner hdmi output"

    And always remember!...

  4. DevBru


    Where did i say VGA?
  5. maxinger


    It seems to be some very old, outdated gadget.

    TV tuner with vga output ?
    I have seen it before.

    TV tuner with hdmi output ?
    'not yet invented'?

    Probably it is a good item to acquire for one's museum.
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  6. There are DVI-HDMI adapters.
  7. DevBru


    There is no reason for any kind of adapter, there are plenty of TV tuners out there with HDMI output, just plug that shit into your PC monitor.

    There is no such thing as a HDMI output for a PC monitor. A HDMI output is a HDMI output and it can be used for both TV's an PC monitors.
  8. Turveyd


    Trying to Output PC's HDMI to a TV Signal to wirelessly display that signal on the screen ?? how far away is the screen that a lead won't work ??

    Cheap small laptop with HDMI behind your TV you want the charts on, running Teamview/VNC connected to your main PC to display what's on, 1 of your screens ???

    What are you trying to achieve ??