Digital Physiognomy for Windows : discover your personality :)

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by harrytrader, Jan 31, 2004.

  1. Harry, Thanks. Love your quotes. By the way, do you blog? It's the future of the web to go. I just got started. It's fun.
  2. I am blogging on ET don't you see : it's more fun because I have interactions although I have some nasty dogs sometimes that try to bite my legs they are still part of the game after all :D

  3. Finally you give me the idea : I will perhaps create a blog but on History :D.

  4. MrDinky


    According to their screenshots, Bill Clinton was described as "honest." Doesn't sound like the program works.

  5. This is probabilitistic but they don't give the alpha risk :D of being in error. What is also probable is that being a president of a country and being honest is rather antinomic except for a few men in history :)