Digital Photography Anyone?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by pcgeek86, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. I bought a Nikon D50 a couple months ago, and have been loving it a lot. Anyone else here enjoy photography? If so, have you got any samples you'd be willing to share in here?


    Chicago Street Station :: Red Line


    Woodstock Opera House



  2. maxpi


    The train station pic is unusual. It has many dominating straight lines but your eye is led in a circle as you view it. The colors are great [on my monitor] as well. It does not tell a classic story really, but it makes me feel like I was wavering between being lost in a train station and departing on a train, sort of like I was at an important decision point. It is a little unsettling.

    I have taken a zillion pics since I got my Nikon but they need organization and Photo Shopping and I have been too busy to take care of that. Dang, I have to get on that, if I do it soon I'll post some pics with explanations of what I was trying to accomplish with each one.
  3. I don't postprocess mine at all. I'd encourage you to post some as-is if you're willing, as I'd be interested in seeing them. :)
  4. mxjones


    All cool pics. Well done.