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    Does anyone use digital flashcards which pop up on your screen every few minutes with a message reminder.I am looking to incorporate such a thing,if it is available,to flash a message like "watch your indicators,do not focus on price" or something along those lines.Thanks
  2. "watch your indicators, do not focus on price" is a message I don't think a single professional trader in the world would ever advise. Perhaps marketing "gurus," but guys who put their own dough on the line day in, day out and come out on top? Never.
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    As a 20 year pro trader my reasons for this are well thought out. I daytrade the ES and have found after analysing my trading lately I have statred to lock in on price which deviates from my TP.I use a proprietary Macd and a CCI Aver.with a Com Channel Index overlay.I trade retracements against the primary trend based on retracement diverg.'s on the two indicators.Hence the necessity for the reminder not to get too locked in on price alone.
  4. Hey KBrown48,

    Something like "affirmware" might help. I believe it can be programmed to flash up messages on you screen at regular intervals.

    Google it and check it out.


    ps I am not an affiliate or in any way associated with this case anyone is wondering.
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    Thanks for the suggestion.I will take a look
  6. Lucrum


    Here are some message reminder ideas.

    Be sure to wipe your ass.

    Don't forget to walk the dog.

    Shake it more than twice and you're playing with it.


    Call girlfriend ... NO not that one dummy.

    Tie your shoe.

    Turn on CNBC. (just kidding)

    Turn off CNBC.

    Be nice to a stranger today.

    Don't forget your Beano.

    American Express, don't leave home without it.

  7. i have a torn piece of paper taped up right in front of me that reads.....

    In the Red? SELL!! that shit
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    it is time to automate your trading...
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