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  1. Perhaps someone can help me.

    I bought a digital camera recently. When I plug it into the usb port to upload the pictures, the computer reboots itself. Anyone know why it is doing this?
  2. I've seen this with desktop computers and has typically been due to a faulty/floating ground. When you plug in the USB connector it shorts against the case and this reboots the system. (Laptops don't usually have this problem as they typically have plastic surrounding the USB ports.) I've typically seen this with the USB ports on the front of machines so you can try by carefully plugging into the USB ports on the back of the machine, the ports attached directly to the motherboard. Or better, use a USB extender cable to plug in the back of the motherboard and then, assuming no problems, carefully plug in the camera into the extender cable so as not to wiggle the computer side.
  3. When I plug into the back, it also reboots my computer.

    Is the USB extender cable the same as a AC powered USB hub? I'm not sure what a USB extender cable is or what it looks like.
  4. The extension cable looks like this:
    or this

    Male connection on one end and female on the other. You can get them a Radio Shack, Best Buy, etc. for $10 or less.

    The only purpose of the cable is to isolate the problem. Is it the computer or the camera? If you can run the computer with the extension plugged in and w/o the camera attached to the extension, then you know the problem is likely on the camera side. If just plugging in an empty extension cable prevents the machine from running then the problem is on the computer's side.

    You can also try plugging in a USB memory stick directly to the same USB port if you've got one lying around. If that works and doesn't reboot your machine, again the problem is probably with the camera.

    I'd keep the powered hub out of the equation for now as it just adds one more possible failure point to the mix.
  5. I can run the computer with the camera's usb wire plugged in. It only reboots once I plug in the camera to the other end of the usb wire.
  6. Seems like the culprit is the camera side of things. There are too many possibilities to really diagnose remotely but here are some things you can try.

    Make sure you're hooking the camera up properly. If it comes with a powered docking station make sure it's plugged in or not plugged in as per the instructions.

    If the camera has a removable memory card (probably does) you can buy a small adapter that takes that memory card and the adapter plugs into the USB port. You take the memory card out of the camera, put it in the adapter, and pull the picture from the card directly rather than from the camera. (This is the only option on many digital still cameras ... you didn't say but I assume you're not talking about a video camera.)

    If you're computer savvy enough or you've got a computer savvy friend you can try these.

    Look through the event logs and see if there's anything suspect recorded there.

    Try uninstalling the current camera USB driver from the computer and let the initialization process re-install it. USB devices carry their own software and are supposed to download and configure themselves when you plug the device in. Could have been an old driver or misconfigured driver causing the problems. (This is more likely if the machine waits 5 or 10 seconds like it's trying to do something before it reboots. Less likely if it reboots the instant you plug in the camera.)
  7. I tried 3 things today...

    1) bought the extension cable and it reboots my computer as soon as I plug the camera in, so I returned it

    2) bought a usb hub and as soon as I plug the usb hub in, it reboots my computer without even having to plug my camera in, so I returned it

    3) bought a memory card reader, and that too reboots my computer as soon as I plug it in to the usb port

    Any other suggestions? Keep in mind that my computer does not go back to the desktop page until I unplug the above items.
  8. nickdes


    Any other suggestions? Keep in mind that my computer does not go back to the desktop page until I unplug the above items.

    Have you tried to plug it in to a different USB port, At least 2 ports should be in back of your tower.
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    does this happen when you plug other USB device into the port?
    e,g printer?

    maybe the port is fried.
  10. I have all tried 4 ports, 2 in the front and the 2 in the back.
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