difficult to trade not!

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  1. The hardest thing of daytrading is doing nothing.
    When markets do not move enough i have to stick by my plan "no trading" because that has proven its value in the past.

    In the mean time it is very boring, looking to the screen.

    Do you have the same problem?, and what do you do with this?
  2. stand up.... and back slowly away from the computer

    I like to do something phyisical like hike or lift weights during the slow times.

    Whatever you do, don't trade.
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    I'm convinced you should have an idea what block of time your signal you want to play should occur and just sit at the computer then.
    More than 3 hours it is going to be difficult to stay focused and disciplined for me without falling into that mesmerized, trance state.

    I think also is to happy with this and not upset if you are not there for a signal.
  4. Maybe its because I am still young (26), but I dont have any problem sitting there all day waiting for setups and staying focused. Maybe instead of finding most times boring, you could find opportunities during the slow times to exploit. Maybe develop a new "edge" specifically for these times of day?
  5. Got nothing to do with age. I have no problem sitting all day either. I think it has to do with "doing what you love".

  6. Stop looking all day long for a palodia and wait for a decent setup soon after the open, then jump on it with conviction; u'll be well and done in half a hour and will be much more relaxed for the rest of the session.
  7. Good point, b/c I do truly love the challenge of trading so for me, it doesnt feel like "work".

    As a matter of fact, I am a little unhappy that we have a 3 day weekend :D

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    Trading for me is like fishing. You have to sit there and wait. Line in the water (Staring at the screen)..waiting
  9. For every losing trade,

    write out how much you lost

    write out the reason you took the trade

    write out the reason you lost on the trade

    Add up the sum, and ask yourself what you could have done with the money you lost just because you are trading like a 4 year old with ADD.

    Within 2-3 days you will stop your dumb shit.

    Most people do not internailize the losses because its so electronic and goes into some hidden account history log where you don't get reminded about the lost. Remind yourself about the lost, Make it hurt. Punch yourself a few times if you have trouble.
  10. I also feel frustrated during the slow lunch time trading hours when there is nothing to do. I would keep myself in front of the charts though, but I also would restrain myself from entering into iffy trades.

    I agree with a previous post saying trading is like fishing. I can recall from my brief trading career that some breaking news come out during the most boring time. ie) CEO step down, drug go back to market, etc...
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