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    I would appreciate if you could help me with below.

    I need a trading platform that provide a real time data for Forex but with changable time frames.If my English is not so understandable I'll just put in more details.Let's say if you take Ensign there is only fixed number of time frames like 1 min,5 min,10 min,etc.If you take Prophet X from DTN there you can make time frames yourself like 6 min,45 min,230 min,205 min,etc.So I need a trading platform(not Prophet X) with changable TFs and really appreciate any replies to my post.

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    No problem with your English. But your knowledge of the software you mention is questionable.

    You can add any time frame you want in Ensign. Just open the the "Times" form, and click "Edit". Add whatever timeframe you want, ticks, seconds, minutes, volume, range, whatever.

    In my experience, charting platforms supplied by brokerages have the limits you talk about. This is a non-issue for any 3rd party charting apps I can think of.
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    You got me 2ticks :D The problem is that I checked with Ensign guys regarding this and they told me exactly what I thought before-Just fixed TFs with Ensign and nothing can be changed!I was also quite surprised by this but now I know how I can go about this.

    Many thanks for this.
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    Probably :D

    Thanks again.