Different strategies or patterns for different times of day?

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  1. Please share the strategies or patterns that you trade for different market times.

    What strategies/patterns do you trade at the open?
    In the early morning?
    Lunch time?
    At the end of the day?

    What is it about the market activity/behavior at those times that led you to choose those strategies/patterns?
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  2. maxinger


    I use exactly the same strategies for Asian, European, and US sessions.
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  3. Which is...?
  4. rb7


    Buy low, sell high...

    No but seriously!!!
  5. maxinger


    a good answer to a very complex question.

    Plus sell high, buy low.

    plus I also take reversal signals.
    about 40% of my trades are reversal signals.

    avoid trading in choppy untrendy market.
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  6. Clearly "buy low sell high" is not what we're talking about when we speak of strategy. The strategy is how you do it. Conditions, setups, patterns, signals, etc.
  7. rb7


    So you're basically asking how to make money trading.

    And you think someone will be willing to give you that info? Just like that?
    People giving that type of info are generally asking money for that. And if they're asking money, it's not a good sign that their strategy is really profitable.

    But hey, it doesn't cost anything to ask. Who knows. Maybe you'll get decent answers...
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  8. Works "any time of day".

  9. maxinger


    Well. I have revealed all my strategies in posting #2 and #5. There is absolutely no other secret.
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  10. Not sure why the idea of sharing strategies and favorite patterns is taboo for you. It's a common practice amongst traders. Just look through this forum and you'll see it happening all the time.

    Let me give you an example to show you how easy it is. At the open i trade the dip and rip strategy and ORBs above pre market levels. In the early morning I trade abcd patterns, bull flags, ascending wedges and ema pullbacks on strong trending stocks.

    Seems you aren't interested in contributing in this thread, so perhaps it's best not to post at all.
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