Different Opinons on Trading Forums

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by OddTrader, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. Do you believe that, sometimes on ET, even you try to start a thread or post/write something you just intentionally make that wrong, of course don't make it too obvious, you then would still find some supporters on both sides!

    Because we are traders (aka: speculators)! Hence we have the markets! :D

    You should feel free to post any examples (except Jack's ones, please). :p
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    What you wrote above is exactly the problem IMO.

    What is the definition of wrong? What may be "wrong" to you may be something that I or somone else uses or does successfully. Just because someone does something differently or uses different "indicators" differently doesn't make them wrong.

    Each person must find what works for them.

  3. You're not Wrong!

    That's why I always think Jack's methods Do work! :)
  4. Maybe because there are always two sides in a trade?

    For everyone buying there's someone selling, and viceversa.