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  1. I am looking for posts in which Jack Hershey explains his strategy of having simultaneously long and short positions in the same market, in different time fractals.

    There are so many posts by Jack, it's a daunting task to go through all of them to find this information.

    Can anybody tell me where to find them? Or can anybody explain the strategy to me?

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  2. If you're long and short the same market, you have no position. Fractal or no fractal! Did I miss something?

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    LOL Old! I've heard of a Texas Hedge, Hersey came up with a Polish Hedge.
  4. I just found something in this thread: "Mental Ceilings ...Lessons from Jack".
  5. The position sizes for different time frame are likely different. I would think the shorter term trades is probably more likely bigger than the longer term trades. The net position would be their difference.

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    it depends on the relative size of each position. however, there are easier ways to accomplish the same goal. LOL !

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    You can find the multiple fractal stuff in the ceiling posts under psychology. Supergirl understands this (UK person). Another person asked for clarification and Hershey responded to point out the details of the concept.

    The concept is done by people with multiple accounts that are run independently of each other. This preserves the fractal strategies. The example used showed a period of time to demonstrate their independence. You are being misled by people who do not use these strategies. Position and intraday trading is done simultaneously all the time. Accounts are managed to make them look independent.

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