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    I have to disagree brokerboy. Failure to seek out as much information as possbile would be the dumb thing to do. Just because one person tells me a firm is good or bad doesn't mean I'm going to take it as gospel. I'm just seeking all the data I can get. I can't tell you if I'm a good trader or not, I haven't done it yet. I think I'd be really good at it but I won't know until I try. At this point I'm here trying to learn all I can (doing my homework) so that I can have the best shot possible when I do try.

    Anyway, any any all information is appreciated.
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  2. This is an important decision, choose carefully. It is not easy to change your mind once you ahve joined, time consuming and a hassle... Be protective of your initial 5K you are putting in, will the company hold it for a certain period of time? What do otehr traders think of the firm? How is the tech support? The executions, arre they fast? Does the software go down all the time? Are you lazy? If you are , do remote, the best thing about trading is the flexibility and the freedom. Why trap yourself to an office when you can do the exact same from home? Or do you want the security of an offce? anyways pizza is here.
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  3. If you choose to go the "remote" route, you better be pretty computer savvy and have a lot of confidence in your broker's tech support group. You will also have to be very hungry and a great self-motivator. Starting out in an office atmosphere might help accelerate your learning curve more so than going remote right from the start.

    And one more thing . . .

    It's ASSENT ( which is owned by Sungard ), not ACCENT!

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    Hey it's only my opinion, and they are like assholes.............everone has one.

    But I have worked for Assent(in Assent, with Assent) whatever, I was not happy.
    System going down, bad tech support.

    I am not the only one who has commented on this either.
    Someone commented on MOC orders that they had problems with.
    And I watched that problem every day. I personally don't trade MOC but I have witnessed it.

    Others in this forum speak well of Assent.
    It's up to you partner.
    I can tell you that Hamer was designed for one thing and one thing only.
    Bullets! I am not saying it is Hammer or Assents fault that they are gone( Bullets, conversions) But there are other execution systems out there just as fast with less problems.

    Bullets and conversions are GREAT, but a true trader can trade without them.
    So my opinion is look elsewhere.
    I know some will agree and some will disagree.
    Your call.

    Good Luck
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  5. my point is this guy has nothing to bring to the table. any firm that lets him start for a 1k and learn he should be happy with. if he was in the business for awhile i would say you all are right. i don't work at accent but its not a bad firm. i worked at worldco and left very fast that was a bad firm.
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    "Hammer was designed for one thing, and one thing only...bullets".

    You have no idea what you are talking about. The bullet feature wasn't even on the first few versions of the hammer.

    You don't like Assent...you made your point....stop making up stories.
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  8. Tell me...

    Why should anybody pay for your "education"?

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  9. hey there are firms in area's that will charge you a higher comm and let you learn on there buck. they want you to scalp. the thing i find funny is he is being picky. accent is owned by a major company and hammer is one of the best systems out there. he named 5 big firms he would be lucky if any of them took him for 1k down.
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    That's a fair question. The short answer is there is no reason. Of course, why should any employeer pay you while you learn their system? I'm not here demanding that someone pay me so that I can learn. I've read about some people pulling a small salary or a different profit split for less investment. I'm only trying to find out if there is something like that out there in my area.

    If you are looking for a sales pitch about me, there is a different answer. I have a B.S. in Computer Science and I'm about 2 months short of an MBA. I handle math and stress very well. In addition, I'm highly motivated, aggressive and I have some expereince trading options in my personal account.

    So, pick whichever paragraph answers your question and go with it.
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