different closing prices in esignal?

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  1. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but this has been bugging me. I am going to attach a chart of SPY. It has a daily chart and a 5 min chart. The close on 4/17 on the daily chart says 89.48. On the 5 min chart, the close is 89.655. I checked Yahoo and they have the close for that day as 89.56.

    Shouldn't they all be the same? Or, at least shouldn't eSignal's daily and 5 min quotes match? Maybe I have a setting wrong somewhere. Can someone help?


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  2. Here's a pic of my time settings. I have the same settings for both the daily and 5 min chart.

  3. I've asked eSignal about this, and they claimed it had to do with EOD data coming from the exchange that didn't match T&S during the day.

    I've had same problem with QQQ and other ETF's. It's very frustrating.

    I also get strange stuff happening on daily bars: The market closes and the bar looks ok, but then a couple of hours later the daily bar shows up as a little doji at one extreme or the other of where the actual bar should be. This has been happening with emini's also.
  4. I've had problems with 5-minute charts right after closing. The last bar shrinks down to a single OHLC dash instead of the last bar, right after the 4pm bell rings.

    Also on charts with static tickers (like $SPX) during the next day instead of a new candle starting up fresh, the previous day's candle will continue to print.

    I asked tech support about it but no response yet.
  5. Tech,

    I've experienced what you describe also. More times than not, shutting down the application (including the data manager) and waiting a minute or so before restarting seems to correct the prob.
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    ETH's, like SPY & QQQ, have the hours of 9:30 - 16:15 EDT, so comparing the close of the 5-min. 15:55 bar to the close of the daily bar will often result in different values.

    Please note that even the close of last intraday bar can be different, when compared to the close of a daily. This is due to the nature of intraday charts vs. daily charts. Intraday charts display data with cut-offs at specific time periods. Daily charts will display the official High, Low, and Close from the exchange. After the close, there are a few straggler trades that sometimes come through. If one of these trades is considered the close, and is different then the trade at the last chartable moment on an intraday chart (ie. 16:14:59 on SPY regular trading hours), then there would be a discrepancy.
  7. Thanks for the help. (I knew it was possible that I just didn't know what I was doing.) :)

  8. As of right now, all intraday charts of ES indicate 887 was 9:30 EST price. The daily chart shows 892.50. This is getting a bit old.
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    If you are using ES #F or ES M3, then the Open field on a Quote Sheet or Snapshot Bar is equal to the opening of the afternoon session at 16:45 from the previous day.

    It sounds like you prefer that number to be equal to the 9:30 opening price, and if so I would suggest using ES #F=2 (Continuous Day-only) or ES M3=2 (June 2003, Day Only).
  10. Jay, that is cool. I just wish these features could be documented or indexed a bit better. I'm one of those weirdos who actually reads, big, thick manuals and enjoys it. It's a sickness LOL. Anyway thanks. You might want to know that at least one person in the online support chat doesn't know about this feature. Anyway, thanks for quick info.
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