different Candlepatterns

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by jgadefelth, Aug 9, 2005.

  1. I Like to start a new thread about candlepatterns not just hammers but all reversal patterns and continuations. How to trade them and so on. I am not that good on candlepatterns but i am very curios to learn more about them and hope som of you that trading them will share some info on them her.

  2. A good start would be to compile a list of candle threads using the search function and posting a hyperlinked list here.
  3. I think it is difficult to test the different patterns by computer, and also you can have different filters the best result should one get if backtesting them amualy by looking at many charts.

    I know that one of the big user of candlepatterns is NihabaAshi and he has different filters on different patterns.

  4. jgadef;

    Personality factors in, like to study rounded tops;
    ''V'' bottoms.
    And like to study continuation patterns even more.:cool:
  5. whitsh patterns are the most common having a hard time backtesting bullish gravestone doji and bullish dojistar when I cant find them.