differences in input order [help]

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by dematto, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. dematto


    start by saying that I use omegareserch (Easyl lenguage)
    the problem is that:

    sending an order through a simple buy
    I have different results from the report values and those of the program that I have created to control the profit of the strategy!

    1) I get the report with the performance

    2) I created a program that would generate the same report
    the signal is generated by controlling the close of the previous bar
    and therefore at any time of the same bar
    the signal has already been identified

    I took then as the value for my report: the close of the bar past

    =) but there is not much difference between the two

    ?) it is possible that the buy is taken with the closing value of the same bar?

    ??) it is possible to vary the analysis through a tick by tick could affect the program despite only consider close to bars past

  2. You need to figure that out for yourself. Did you try outputting each bar and value to a text file, for example a debug log or something? Then you can read manually what each of the programs is doing and compare the differences. Pretty simple..