difference in updating speeds

Discussion in 'Trading' started by virgin, Nov 6, 2003.

  1. virgin



    At this moment I am comparing the

    quote update speeds between

    the webbased J-trader from Rosenthal

    Collins Group (not simulator mode) and the Velocity Futures

    TT platform in simalator mode in aftermarket trading.

    First Velocity doesn't show all the

    updates and the quotes of Velocity

    lag so much that it is clearly to be

    seen with the eyes.

    I called the tech guy Charlie at Velocity to ask if this has something

    to do with the platform being in

    simulator mode. He said he couldn't

    tell me...

    The only way to know is to put real

    money with Velocity.

    What you guys think ?
  2. They gave you a lame answer. It seems unlikely that you are the first to notice something apparently quite obvious. Wait to talk to a techie or get another opinion. Someone there knows the answer.

    I know the IB simulator for ES is remarkably slow too, but still a definitive answer is available.