difference between Retail firms and prop firm

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    What is difference between Retail firms and prop firm?
    What means prop firm?

    (prop firm. The place for proprietary traders and those who want to be. )
    >>>I dont understand above sentense.
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    I am not an american citizen, I dont live in USA and I am not an american.
    I know I can open account in retail firms,
    Buy can I open account in prop firms?
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    Is it difficult to get Series 7 licensing?
  4. LOL....since every retail stockbroker has passed the exam, how tough do you think it could really be, LOL.

    Seriously, it is tedious, but there are several ways to cram for it.



    If you study for 2 weeks (conservatively) , you can easily ace it.

    Its not that bad at all. Its actually pretty good to get a general knowledge of things.
  6. Surdo


    What firm is going to sponsor him?
    He is not a US citizen and does not live in the US?
    I believe he is a High School kid in Europe.
  7. We have S7 traders worldwide. Many have taken the exam here, many outside the Country. We sponsor all of our traders, of course.

    (My Compliance Officer is very diligent about which countries we can, and which ones we cannot).

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    Thanks Don!
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