Difference between black on white crime and white on black crime

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  1. Here is the article for the white on black crime. Apparently a white neighborhood watch captain, killed a 17 year old black kid for basically what media is reporting as "no reason other than he was black" and "that this is a hate crime!"


    Now...here is a similar story that also just happened in the last few days of a bunch of black kids attacking and setting on fire a 13 year old white boy. Now...I have to post 2 articles because the first one i found mentions NOTHING about skin color. In the article, it just said the boys said "You got what you deserve"


    But here is another article, where you get to see what they really said. "You got what you deserve, 'white boy'". Obviously by that statement you know those kids are black. Of course the article only says that its a "POSSIBLE" hate crime. WTF????


    Why does the media have to be all careful when mentioning race when its a black on white crime, but be free to say everything when its white on black. (and the white on black wasnt even a crime)
  2. most murders are black on black killings anyway
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    Difference between black on white crime and white on black crime


    One is a hate crime that requires extra punishment.

    The other is just getting even for two centuries of slavery and persecution. No crime involved.
  4. I know you don't really mean that, and trying to make light of a serious subject, but as I've said before, the case in Florida is an example of just too much from a deranged guy, black or white. I doubt he would have bothered calling 911 if there were a 17 year old white guy, I hate to say that, but I think we would all bet that way.

  5. It depends on whether or not the 17 year old white kid would be dressed like 17 year old black kid. Im sure he would've called 911 on the white kid if he had pants hanging down to his knees and just looked like a hooligan.
  6. Thought I would just throw this out here...I looked up Trayvon Martins facebook profile. Yeah, this kid looks like a good kid.


    And another pic of him throwing up gang signs.


    Just shows you the character of someone by the pics on their facebook profile.
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    Democrats have "invested" trillions of dollars to get Black people to this place.

    I solved the racial hatred problem in the US of A!! Black people seem to hate me so I moved to a college town!
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    And this guy wanted to be a pilot huh?

    Had he survived the shooting I could see him as a small town third shift nurse maybe, not a pilot. As RCG so eloquently pointed out, it's just not in their culture.
  9. At least that would mean he would need a GED:D

  10. LOL !!!:D
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