Difference between African Americans and Mexicans.

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  1. I went to a home depot to pick up some stuff, it was heavy but the nice thing is one of the mexicans milling around quickly came forward and offered his assistance. They hang out there to find work or assist folks loading heavy stuff.

    He went and loaded up this heavy stuff on the pickup. I gave him 5 bucks for his work. He was most gracious and thankful.

    Now where do you see black folks? Out in the streets begging for money instead of trying to do any odd work for legit cash.

    At least These illegal immigrants have enough pride and a work ethic to not stoop to the level of the Black american who expects a free handout.

    I have never seen any of these Mexicans looking for free handouts.

    Maybe instead of people bitching about these Mexicans and having them deported that we should instead deport all these lazy African americans unwilling to work and living off welfare and foodstamps.
  2. I used to think that way, not anymore. I quit making comparisions. I tip the Mexicans or whomever else happens to be "working" and ignore everyone else. I let the nameless faceless gov't agencies deal with it. These agencies provide good gov't jobs helping knuckleheads and exacerbating our fiscal crisis till the whole systems crumbles around us. Pffftttt ....
  3. "I have never seen any of these Mexicans looking for free handouts."

    Apparently you have never been to California or western states like Arizona and Texas if you think the many of the illegals are not living off of the welfare and food stamps system...

    Be that as it is, your racist comments below are duly noted...

    Not that you are interested in being educated out of your racism:

    edit 09/10/2009

    Actually, illegal aliens receive quite a bit of money in the form of welfare and food stamps. According to the US Government Accountability Office (http://www.gao.gov/products/HEHS-98-30), in 1995 households headed by illegal immigrants were awarded about $1.1 BILLION in AFDC and Food Stamps benefits. The loop hole exists in that if they have a kid on US Soil, the kid is a US Citizen. And thus the parents of said kid can apply for (and receive) welfare regardless of immigration status.

    Also you might want to note that those were figures from 1995. 14 years later, I'm sure the numbers are MUCH higher.



    p.s. I hope you get stuck in line at the grocery or convenience store some time and have to wait for someone to pay with WIC, and they can't speak any English...


  4. The biggest mistake the founders made was not outlawing slavery in the constitution.