Difference between a trade and an investment ...

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  1. kandlekid


    Difference between a trade and an investment ... my definition of a trade is an attempt at increasing present income. An investment is a long term strategy, not necessarily focused on the present.
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  2. maxinger


    A trade
    - can press BUY or SELL button first. Then press the other button later.
    - a trade can last for few seconds to few years
    - can earn tons of money from it

    An investment
    - can only press BUY button first. Then SELL button later.
    - an investment can last for few weeks to few years
    - can earn tons of money from it
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  3. We will all find definitions. But probably more important than ours are the ones from your tax collector in your country!
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  4. Metamega


    Not far off fro each other. Both your buying in hopes of a profit in the future.
  5. Nobert


    We pay 15%, be it under 365 or over, but , keeping it longer than 3 years, removes one from taxes completely.

    That would be a mega-trends in currencies ;
    don't know other options, where one could take + 3 years long position.
  6. An "investment" is a trade that went against you.
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  7. vincentnyc


    that's for mostly noobs traders wannabe.
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  8. Turveyd


    Buy and hold for years, never check price as you have faith it'll get you rich.

    Aapl, tesla, spacex, msft years back all good investments.
  9. Nobert


    SpaceX, - was never open for public capital or OTC, only employees had a chance to get % salary in form of shares, if im correct ?

    If it goes IPO, or when it goes IPO, should be one of the most anticipated IPO's of all time, or at least make it into the top 5.
  10. vincentnyc


    for every aapl and msft there are hundred of fail companies. aapl almost went out of business at one point.
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