Diet supplement for trading?

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  1. Does anyone take Ginkko Biloba here to improve mental focus? :)
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    Try Columbian marching powder, its 100% natural and all organically grown by mountain peasants, no pesticides, etc.

  3. Uh, except the pesticide residues left over from previous crop destroying efforts by the war on drugs coalition.
    The stuff they spray, isnt vastly different from agent orange, chemically, so avoid that stuff.

    I can recommend gingko, big time, but my testing wasnt incredibly scientific, i have to say.
    Sort of like trying to put a turbo on a clapped out lada, crappy to begin with, as a baseline, and quite likely run on vodka /listerine/metho/contaminated columbian marching powder.

    I beleive i noticed a difference, but its possible the different formulations make an astonishingly, markedly varied effect.

    A lot of people try these alternative things, and conclude they are rubbish-after only one brand of stuff.

    I thought it was good, thanks for reminding me of this product-i should definetely give it another go at this point.
  4. If I am not mistaken, it also works as something of a blood thinner.
  5. Why is blood thinning bad?
  6. Who said that was bad?
  7. Try those,

    You'll notice a reduction in anxiety and you'll feel a lot better. I think it also helps with cutting the fat in your stomach.

  8. Sikh investor, what do you mean there?
    Cutting fat, in the stomach.........
    how does that apply to the function of the digestive system?

    Your saying, it acts as an emulsifier, in that regard?

    Hope im not asking too much, i crazily imagine someone with a handle like that would be grounded in ayervedic medicine to a degree.

    I had a great chai tea recipe in another thread, but im probably off base-i dont know much about acronyms either, but i know gingko is good gear.

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    Just drop 10 hits of acid before the morning bell. By the 10:30 synch you'll be ready to go!!!
  10. As much as i realise , various substances CAN increase focus, the ones that do perform are'nt results orientated.

    You could spend the whole day, focusing intently on your f#n coffee cup, you dont want that.

    Seriously, ginkgo is good, that much i know.
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