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  1. I am going to buy a new car/suv in year. Please explain to me why I should not by a diesel engine car/suv?
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    you choice might depend on where you live and how you like to drive and how long your commute is. i see no practical reason to go with diesel if you work like 15 min away and your yearly mileage like 5-6K. but if you commute time 45 min or more-i would go with diesel(instead of pathetic looking and performing hybrid). MB E or ML class looks pretty damn good. far better and probably more safe than prius. i have couple friends, who's jobs are far away-one own MB ML and other-VW jetta. both new. both pretty happy with performance and savings over gas engine. not to mention that the diesel lasts pretty much forever.

  3. This is what I was thinking about, diesels cost about 10% more, but you instantly make up for that with how long the engine lasts. The gas savings is obviously a huge bonus as well. Also I would assume that trade in value is higher for used diesels because the engine doesnt decline as much.
  4. Depends on where you live. They can be a pain in cold weather. Fuel is usually higher than regular gas. Maintenance will be more expensive. Upside is the engine will get you 250-300K miles no problem in most cases, and the engine will perform better overall. Trade in value? I don't know. You seem to get hosed on that end no matter what.
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    The engine will last longer, but the average person doesn't hold onto a car for that long so that wouldn't matter. How many people to you know that drive a car that has over 100k miles on it, very rare, here in the US the avg person buys a new car every 3-4 years.
  6. I guess I am not the norm, owning 3 more cars for the rest of my life kind of appeals to me.
  7. Due to their reliability, I don't know why more folk don't buy Diesel cars/trucks, other than the noise.
  8. you'll smell like diesel.


  9. Americans waste money buying new cars continually. I wish I had the thousands back I blew in the past having to have the latest sedan or truck. Autos are built to last IF you purchase the right make and model and know how to maintain it. Some guy is still driving around in a 1966 Volvo P1800 going on 3 million miles.
  10. 250K? Pittsburg Power has a deal with Freightliner where Freightliner builds brand new trucks with no motor, and the buyer installs his old motor or shops around for a pre emmision motor and rebuilds it. Many of these motors have well over a million, more like 3 million miles on them.

    The engine will out last the car if you take care of it. But I would not own one above the Mason Dixon line unless you have a heated garage or access to a power outlet to run a heater on sub zero days. Fine at home but not always at work (if you have one of those things...job, yes isn't that what those people have?)

    There's a diesel in Europe that gets 100 mpg. I wouldn't buy a diesel made in the good old USA. These are old diesels built to run right with all kinds of added crap added on due to new regulations. None of them have been built from the ground up, and how can they be when every 10 years a new regulation makes modifications necessary.
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