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  1. Goal: become a trader who wins with ease
    Purpose: post trades taken every day
    Objective: keep myself from overtrading and making retarded trades
    Constraints: no overtrading and no unmanageable daily losses.
    Method: charts will show

    I think that covers everything.. charts after close.
  2. Tuba, mirum spargens!
  3. You giving Fleming a rest? :)

  4. daily charts are important to me and I sometimes use a tick chart too but I'm not going to include them


  5. What is your starting capital? How long have you studied trading? What is your other job? Sorry for the curt questions. Just curious.
  6. I started with over 50 grand, about 10 of which has been lost. I will stop myself before losing it all though, so practically it is less.

    depending on when you start counting, from 9-15 months or so. no other job.

    had a real knucklehead day (once again), 1-3. CSTR stop should've been earlier. only posting trades I actually do, but there were a ton of "obvious" ones I wish I did..

  7. darn AA.. I always do that.. but today I had to leave early anyway.

  8. apparently having a journal isn't helping..

  9. KIRK was real knuckle-headed.. needed to get out of JOYG sooner

  10. I see a few of your trades are mid-day, thought that was a good time to stay out.
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