Die you gross old people

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    I don't.
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    Callous Mr Aso

    The old have been around the block of life and have a lot to offer in wisdom, caring.and many other things. Life is not all about rushing around as if one's pants are on fire.

    shame on you Mr. Aso
  3. Sounds familiar:

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  4. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Yep, I remember all those lies like they were yesterday.
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    "Why should I have to pay taxes for people who just sit around and do nothing but eat and drink?" he said at the time.

    There's a lot of that going on right now.
  6. I blame all my problems, and always have on the two people who rasied me, namely my mother and father

    but they get old, and helpless, and then it is your job as a son to take care of them

    fortunately, when dad retired, he knew I was in the financial business and asked me to set things up for him, and asked me to look out for mom if anything happened to him, so that is all taken care of

    but it happens fast

    one day they are fine

    and the next day you need to be handling their bank acccount and protecting them from all the vultures and just calling them everyday and setting up some home health care, and visiting in person

    and the most difficult of all is getting the car out of dad's hands

    he won't give it up to sell his soul and still goes out there driving, even though he can't find the bathroom in his own house

    and the funny thing is, you think, "Why did I have such a problem with these people? They don't give a shit what I do now, as long as I call them."

    Maybe I should have called them once in a while when I was a teenager.
  7. People asked me why I drink. I say "Cause my father drank."

    I asked my sister, "Why don't you drink?" She said, "Cause Daddy drank"

    Go figure.:cool:
  8. Everybody gets old. Everybody dies.

    Sooner or later you get your turn.

    If the folks are old and all they want is for you to visit once in a while, it's probably because they decided on what matters most to them in what time they have left (as long as they aren't hitting you up for money while you're there :D )

    Not sure why Aso stops there though, because there is a long list he could include - the mentally ill/retarded, the paralyzed, prisoners, etc, etc...
  9. the important thing is, you remember it is all their fault.
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