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    I saw this story when it first came out with the typical tagline that the media always tacks onto these kind of things..."Troopers say Contos likely would have survived if he'd been wearing a helmet." I'm sorry for the fellow who died, but he knew the risks and with an '83 Harley I'm sure he got to ride quite a bit. As to the ever-present tagline I've got this to say:

    1) many helmets greatly restrict peripheral vision (you never hear the press say that wearing a helmet probably caused the accident...)

    2) over the years I've seen much documentation that while helmets help protect the head many also contribute to the neck snapping on impact

    3) so what if he "likely would have survived"? There's about 50,000 automobile deaths per year and we'd all likely survive if we only drove Hummers. Bottom line, they are not saying that out of grief for the dead, only to justify their restrictive laws

    Anyway, I am fortunate to live in a location that doesn't have the nanny-state mentality of New York and is more concerned with not restricting liberty than protecting me from myself. I've been riding for years without a helmet and, frankly, there's nothing quite like it. :D
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    Magna, when I was a Police Officer going through college (a few years ago...), I remember a call where a kid on a crotch rocket hit a semi truck's trailer in the rear. When I arrived there, he was DOA.

    Apparently, he hit the truck at over 100mph, and when he was being put into the ambulance (helment still on) I could hear the bones in his neck (what was left of it) grinding around. None of us could decide whether or not the helment helped or hurt as at that speed nothing would have helped. I do tend to believe that a helment helps keep the head from coming apart on impact, but yes, neck injuries could also occur during the compression caused by a crash.

    At the same time, I used to ride a Yamaha YZF R6 (loved it!), but always wore a full-face helment. Now that I've seen numerous fatal motorcycle crashes, and the fact that I almost crashed mine three times, plus the nuts on the road, I'm glad I sold it. I can't take care of three Sons from a wheel chair. 13 years later, I'd settle for a convertible car.:)
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    We should get Gary Busey to weigh in on this...
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    You bring up valid points. Stupid motorcyclists are a danger to themselves.
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    I used to own and ride a bike until a couple of years ago.
    I live in a state that requires them so the only riding I did without a helmet was in the neighborhood. I can see the appeal, I liken riding without a helmet to bare back intercourse. Wearing a condom (helmet) is certainly safer but...

    I'm generally opposed to government regulations designed to protect us from ourselves. If someone wants to ride without a helmet that's fine with me PROVIDED my insurance premiums and or taxes are NOT raised to pay for injured riders who chose to take the extra risk.
  6. Many drivers in the NJ/ NYC area just do not have any respect for motorcycles. They do not have respect for another car.

    Drivers in this area appear to become more aggressive as the years pass by and they clearly think of only themselves. They are driving increasingly dangerous.
    It is also common to see the person/ driver ( usually a loud mouth woman ) on a cell phone having an open conversation not even hiding the cell from their ear, and driving without a drop of regard for anyone on the road.

    It is sad and disturbing. To own and ride a bike here locally is just so risky as the roads are seriously congested and also filled with the kind of drivers I have just described.
    I see car drivers tail bikes with 2 feet to the rear of the bikes bumper to intimidate the motorcycle to get out of their way fast. It seriously pisses me off and you want to rip the driver out of their car and let them have it.

    Safe riding to all the local bikers. I see what you tolerate to enjoy your day out.